I love being in my workshop, making something fabulous out of a slab of wood!

Short story-I've grown up with an intense curiosity of how things are made, and being of a stubborn DIY nature I taught myself to make many things over the years. I'm still in shock that I get to do what I love! That clip that gets recycled and posted all over the internet- when you buy local/small you pay for a little kids dance class- it IS so true. My first Job is a stay-at-home mother/educator so every order enables our family to do fun extra- curricular activities that are treasured. Thank You all!!

Rambling long story- A good friend moved into a beautiful new house and bought a gorgeous oversized sectional couch. From the moment I stood in the space and looked out from the kitchen I knew I had to make her a long skinny sofa table to complete the room. I go to bed dreaming about the construction of tables, couches, windows, doors...really, anything I "think" I can make. It took me a few years to make the table(quite a few distractions in between) but I made it! I think she loved it- or she's just a really good actress! Friends kept suggesting that I do it as a business, but with an already busy schedule homeschooling my children and finishing(I designed, built, and slowly, am finishing) our family home I didn't have the time. One day I stumbled upon Etsy! LOVE, Love, loved the concept! So I uploaded a few sketchy unprofessional pictures of the tables I'd made. It wasn't long before I was staying quite busy making tables and Headboards out of my garage. 3 years have gone by and I continue to LOVE what I do, and most of the people I get to work with/for. I've built myself a larger shop and can now park cars in my Garage again!! Especially nice in the winter!! I'm constantly trying to make more time to create new items, as that is what I get REALLY excited about.

Note to future customer- so long as you value that your piece of furniture is custom made out of my home workshop and not out of a third world factory assembly line, and respect my part time position I am positive we can have a mutually excellent experience. Thank You for your consideration!!

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